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Ünicity has changed the way entrepreneurs do business

You want to take your business to a new level. Grow it, nurture it

and transform it into the success you always knew it could be.

Welcome to Ünicity. Downtown Peterborough’s sophisticated and contemporary shared office space. Within the carefully planned and artfully designed walls of Ünicity you will find complementary personalities who all have one focused mission... build their professional business.

Ünicity helps entrepreneurs move from the confines of their home offices or other temporary spaces into a professional office with all the amenities. Private meeting room, lounge area, kitchen, elevator and washrooms at the disposal of each tenant and all without the distractions of a home office.

Enter the 420 George lobby and you are immediately embraced by its cool urban vibe. Industrial and modern materials play against a backdrop of the original renovated building and give the promise that something wonderful is happening inside. Once inside the Ünicity space you quickly understand that it’s not your typical office space... you may even become a little envious.

The professionally designed interior creates a relaxed work environment and sets the tone for day-to-day business activities, networking, meetings and socializing with peers... everything needed for a modern well-balanced business to thrive.

Ünicity is quite truly, a common space for uncommon thinkers.


Check out the Ünicity space in our short promotional video

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